FiltaClear® is a totally clear, protective antibacterial sunblock cream that acts as a natural second skin

SPF:24-27(FDA > 15 ultra)*
UVA/UVB Ratio:0.6
(Category Description > 0.6 - 0.8 superior)*

*Tested Kemira Pigments, Finland: 11.11.1998

  • FiltaClear is a totally clear, protective antibacterial sunblock cream.
  • It acts as a totally natural second skin.
  • Ideal for use on horses in equestrian events (rubs in clear, continues to give total sunblocking protection)
  • Suitable for cats and dogs - has bittering agent to minimise licking.

FiltaClear cream is ideal for the competing equestrian market

  • Skin conditions that need to be treated prior to or during shows and competition events.
  • FiltaClear gives a minimal white filming cover to protect sensitive and damaged skin areas from exposure to both sun and wind.
  • FiltaClear has effective antibacterial qualities that will prevent foreign contaminants and dirt matter entering the protected skin areas.

FiltaClear has a thin filming cream base that can appear almost invisible if gently rubbed into the affected areas:

  • provides high sun-protection factor with antibacterial cover.
  • for maximum skin protection, a visible film should be applied and re-applied two or three times daily

FiltaClear is suitable for many animal species including horses, dogs, cats and kittens.

It contains a "bittering" agent to minimise licking in dogs and cats. However, it is not suitable to apply to the teats of lactating animals, around the mouth area and not to be used for dairy cows.

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